See the Common Door Lock Problems That Should Be Addressed by an Experienced Residential Locksmith

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See the Common Door Lock Problems That Should Be Addressed by an Experienced Residential Locksmith

11 January 2021
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As a homeowner, your topmost priority is to keep your loved ones, employees and possessions secure. When constructing your home, you should invest in the best features to keep burglars or intruders at bay. For instance, it is advisable to install high-quality security doors in your home to minimise the risk of intrusions. Additionally, you should install the best locks on your doors to increase your home security. However, after some time, the locks on your doors may develop problems due to natural wear and tear, age or other factors. 

Hiring a residential locksmith for regular repair and maintenance of your door locks will prevent possible lockouts. Keeping your locks in optimal shape will also make your property a hard target for thieves. Trying to fix the defective locks by yourself can lead to further damages, especially if you lack the necessary skills and tools for the job. Here are the common door lock problems that require the intervention of a reputable residential locksmith:

The Door Locks are Misaligned

The deadbolt of your door lock should fit correctly into the strike plate to ensure the lock functions optimally. Your locks will not function appropriately if any of the mentioned parts of the lock get misaligned. Opening a misaligned lock demands extra effort. At some time, it will fail to function completely, leading to a lockout. The best decision is to hire a residential locksmith to analyse your misaligned door locks and offer the best solution. 

The Key Turns but Fails to Unlock or Lock the Door

When the mechanism of your door lock is malfunctioning, the key may turn but fail to lock or unlock the door. This problem may be as a result of fallen or worn-out parts of your lock. It is a serious problem that may lock you out of your house for hours if you do not take immediate actions. It is advisable to hire a reliable residential locksmith to address the issue to avoid causing more damages to your door. The locksmith will replace the worn-out parts to ensure that your locks function optimally. 

The Key Breaks In the Lock

Breaking a key in your door lock is a challenging issue that might occur when you try to open or close your door aggressively. When this problem happens, it is not advisable to go the DIY route to avoid forcing the key further inside, making it difficult to extract. For professional key extraction, you should call in a residential locksmith. The locksmith will apply the right experience and tools to extract the broken key without damaging your lock. After the extraction process, you will get a new key from the residential locksmith, which will enable you to access your property with ease. 

Damaged door locks are a real security threat that should be addressed immediately by experienced residential locksmiths to avoid inconveniences. Licenced and insured residential locksmiths will address your door lock problems professionally and help you get back to your normal routine.