How To Hire A Commercial Locksmith

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How To Hire A Commercial Locksmith

10 January 2022
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Suppose you own or manage a commercial building; your clients will often complain about dysfunctional locks. Locks are built to last. However, improper use such as inserting the wrong keys, banging the doors, and forcing locks ultimately affects the locking mechanism. For this reason, you should hire a locksmith to conduct lock repairs, installation, and maintenance. So, how do you choose a locksmith? This article contains some valuable insights. 

Examine The Locksmith's Expertise

The criteria below will assist you to examine the locksmith's expertise: 

  • The locksmith's online reviews can give insights into their quality of work. Satisfied and disgruntled clients will often leave a review to appreciate the locksmith's work or warn other clients.
  • What is the locksmith's speciality? Ideally, they should install and repair a wide range of locks, including deadbolts, Euro profile locks, wall-mounted locks, and mortise locks. Besides, they should be skilled in repairing access control systems.
  • Preferably, the locksmith should be a registered contractor. It allows them to employ other locksmiths when they cannot handle the workload.
  • Does the locksmith have any accreditations? For example, they could have a licence to install particular locks or restricted access systems. Alternatively, they may have been recognised for their high-quality work. 

Ask For Insurance Coverage

Most property managers underestimate the importance of insurance as they hire a locksmith. However, accidents do happen, and insurance helps you avoid liability. A general liability cover will compensate you if the locksmith accidentally damages something inside the building. For example, they could knock over an expensive vase as they attempt to open a door. As a registered contractor, the locksmith should have workers compensation insurance to cover employees or subcontractors working on your property. 

Insist On Guarantees

Repairing locks is a technical task. In some cases, the lock will work for a few days and develop the same problem again. As such, you might end up spending a fortune to repair the lock. For this reason, the locksmith must give guarantees on their work. Simply put, they should not charge an extra amount if the lock develops a similar problem. This approach compels the locksmith to conduct quality work since they would not want to waste their working hours. Additionally, it prevents them from performing "first aid" repairs. 

Assess The Pricing 

Examine the locksmith's pricing strategy. Most locksmiths will charge a flat rate (depending on the type of work) or per hour. Compare the price rates of several locksmiths to understand the current industry pricing. It ensures you have an easy time negotiating with the locksmith. 

When hiring a commercial locksmith, examine their expertise, insurance coverage, pricing, and guarantee policies.