Get All The Locks In Your Business Checked Out

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Get All The Locks In Your Business Checked Out

13 March 2020
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There are few things more fundamental to your business's security than the locks keeping your doors, drawers, and safes firmly secured. So often these locks are taken for granted, and little thought is given to them until something goes wrong. Having poor-quality locks is dangerous because you think you are protected, and that can cause you to become complacent in regards to your company's security. That is why it pays to be constantly monitoring and upgrading your business's locks.


Most of the locks in your building will be found on the many doors separating your offices and workspaces. Often the only time these locks are looked at is when you move in, and sometimes these locks aren't even changed then. Before you even begin thinking about what new system to put in place, you need to get a locksmith to come through and evaluate the locks you currently have. A locksmith will be able to advise you on the quality of your locks and show you their weaknesses. Often a quick demonstration of how easy your locks are to break is all it takes to sign up for new and improved alternatives. 


Most street-facing windows will have some kind of locking mechanism (if they open at all). These are very different from locks on your doors, but that does not mean they are unpickable. To secure your building, you need to not only make sure your doors have quality locks but that the windows cannot be easily jimmied as well. Deadbolts are always a good option but you can get key-based locks for your windows as well if you prefer a more subtle look. Always make sure to keep your window and door keys separate because if you lose one or the other, you don't have to replace or update all of them. 


Often a safe is used as the best way to store onsite valuables, but this only works if it has a locking mechanism that is unique and stronger than the doors around it. If your safe has a simple (albeit well made) lock that is similar to your doors and windows, then there is little point to its existence. When talking to a locksmith, listen to there recommendations and ask them what the benefits of certain locks are. Stay away from key-based safes and safes that only have one or two security measures you need to bypass (the more complications the better it is).