3 Reasons to Keep a Commercial Locksmith in Your Contacts

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3 Reasons to Keep a Commercial Locksmith in Your Contacts

17 March 2020
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A commercial locksmith is one of the most important contacts you need to keep on your phone even after they complete your original order. Your company's security is vital, and keeping all of those systems working like clockwork will sometimes require a little expert help. Knowing who to call when a problem arises could be vital in keeping your company working smoothly. It is well known that time is money, and the less time you need to fix a problem the more you will have to focus on other, more profitable areas of your job.

Here are 3 reasons why a commercial locksmith should be in your contacts.

Lost Key

You would be surprised at how often keys seem to grow legs and walk off. Many companies only have one or at the maximum two backups of any single key and, over a few years, it is not uncommon for both of these backups to go missing. A commercial locksmith will be able to either cut you a new key or replace the locks if you are worried that someone might have taken them with malicious intentions in mind. If you keep the original commercial locksmith's number, they will be familiar with your location and systems and therefore be able to solve the lost key issue very promptly. 

CCTV Malfunctioning 

CCTV cameras are often purchased from a commercial locksmith, and if that is who you bought yours from, then that is who you should call in the event of a malfunction. The original locksmith will be able to do two very important things:

  • Determine if it is a regular glitch or one that is being perpetrated by an external factor (i.e. someone messing with your CCTV cameras) 
  • Fix the problem and make sure that the underlying issue was solved so it doesn't happen again.

Always keep your warranties and receipts from any CCTV cameras as you could be eligible for a free fix.

Safe Combination Lost

One of the worst feelings in the world is accidentally forgetting the combination to your company safe. Whether this is an old-fashioned safe or a brand new one, the result is the same: you have a hunk of unbreakable metal in front of you that could take days to drill into on your own. A commercial locksmith will be able to get into your safes much easier than you, although it will still take a fair bit of effort and you should give them the time and space they need. They also know how to open safes so that the items stored inside are not damaged, something not many people consider when trying to open safes themselves.