What Role Do Commercial Locksmiths Play in Business Security?

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What Role Do Commercial Locksmiths Play in Business Security?

14 April 2020
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You might need a commercial locksmith for something as run as the mill as providing you with a new set of keys for your business. This happens all the time when multiple key holders are working at the same place. Sometimes, they are mislaid and need to be reproduced and sometimes people leave your employ without remembering to return your keys to you — something that often happens when staff members are fired. Of course, cutting copies of keys is just one function that a qualified locksmith can carry out on your behalf. What are the other business functions commercial locksmiths offer?

Improved Access Security

The point about keys and locks is that they restrict access and make properties secure at night when no one is there. When it comes to business premises, however, commercial locksmiths can provide so much more than conventional tumbler locks. Perhaps you would benefit from a punch code entry system so that employees can all come and go with ease but members of the public cannot? If someone leaves knowing the code, then your locksmith can alter the code for you rather than going to the expense of changing all of your locks. Commercial locksmiths can also often install swipe card entry systems which rely on software to provide access rights which can be rescinded at the click of a mouse.

Safe Technologies

These days, most businesses of any size will have a safe. Which sort of safe will suit your commercial enterprise the best is a matter of debate and it is best to consult an expert before having one fitted. A good commercial locksmith will not only advise you which type of safe to go for — such as those with either digital or analogue locking mechanisms — but also where to have it fitted for the greatest level of security.

Field Work

Lots of businesses have people on the road who are providing services. Perhaps you run a team of plumbers from a central office or have field sales reps who are out and about selling your products? If so, then knowing the telephone number of a mobile locksmith who is experienced with commercial work can be invaluable. It can help to resolve all sorts of issues with satellite offices or even employees locking themselves out of company-owned vehicles. Even though you might want to be invoiced centrally, not all commercial locksmith work has to be conducted at your head office, after all.