Why Master Key Systems Could Be Perfect For Your Small-To-Medium-Sized Business

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Why Master Key Systems Could Be Perfect For Your Small-To-Medium-Sized Business

8 September 2020
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Master key systems offer a great balance between convenience and security for all employees who work in that building. While most small-to-medium-sized businesses do not use any special key operation, the reality is that many should consider implementing master key systems. Not only can they make your life a lot easier, but they also are cheap, are easier to install than you'd think and give you far more control over your business than you had before. Here are three reasons why you should consider master key systems for your homegrown company.

No More Handing Keys Out To Anyone Who Needs It

Often small businesses use only one or two sets of keys for the entire building, and if the boss isn't coming in to work, then they hand these keys over to someone else. The problem gets tricky when keys start getting used by multiple people and no one can keep track of who last gave it to whom. This creates an obvious security risk, and no one wants to replace a whole set of locks whenever a key goes missing. Master key systems ensure that everyone can get into every part of the building they are supposed to without asking anyone for their key. 

Based Around Physical Locations

Master key systems work best when based around the location they are being used on. For example, the grand master key can be passed other, lesser locks, but a low-level lock for maintenance or storage should not be behind a higher-level key. This means that your business design makes a lot of practical sense, and it is easy to see who should be where at all times. If you have security cameras installed, it also makes their use much easier, as there is a clear layout that can be monitored simply rather than having keys of different levels crossing over each other all the time. 

Adjustments Do Not Need The Whole System To Be Overhauled

If there is a change of employees or you are afraid of a security breach, you can get different levels of your locks adjusted without having to replace higher up keys. That is because each master key system is tailor-made for you, so they can base the new locks around your current high-level keys that they have on file. Rather than having to manually go through and replace every lock that you are scared may have a key missing, you will immediately know what areas are compromised and deal with them accordingly. 

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