A Practical Guide for Buying a Gun Safe

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A Practical Guide for Buying a Gun Safe

13 November 2020
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People have owned guns for centuries for protection, hunting, and sports, among other things. It is easier to buy guns today than it was in the past, which poses a great danger, especially if you have children in the house. The consequences of poor gun handling are dire because there are no second chances. As such, any firearm owner must exhibit basic gun safety knowledge, and investing in a safe is the best place to begin. This article highlights tips for buying a gun safe that meets your firearm needs.

Security Rating

Gun safes are not the ordinary safety boxes that you use to store valuable documents. Therefore, you cannot keep a firearm in a safe with a low-security rating and hope for the best. The first thing you must look at when buying a gun safe is its security rating. The reason is that safes have varying security ratings depending on what you want to store. For instance, B-rated safes have doors less than one inch thick and walls less than 1/2 inch. However, the safes are easy to pry open with basic tools, which is the reason why they are used to store less-valuable items. On the other hand, a  safe can withstand attacks from different devices for about 30 minutes is a better option. Therefore, if you are buying a safe for a shotgun, you should choose the latter.

Fireproof, Not Fire Resistant

When shopping for a gun safe, pay attention to the wording used to describe it. It is easy to fall for safes labelled 'fire resistant' and believe that your firearm is protected from flames. However, fire-resistant safes only prevent flames and high temperatures from breaching the insides. If you want to keep your firearm safe, choose a fireproof storage unit. As their name suggests, fireproof gun safes are made from reliable materials capable of holding well against fire over a specific time.

Floor Attachment

If you buy a free-standing gun safe, burglars might easily load it on to a track when you are away and try to open it later. Therefore, it is advisable to buy a safe designed with floor attachment features. The add-ons allow you to bolt a gun safe to the floor, making it immovable when burglars break into your house. However, remember to hire a professional to bolt the safe and ensure that it is firmly held in place without damaging the floor.